Zircon & Burlap: Maxine Waters Deserves Death Threats

“You have to understand the reason why she go around disparaging and demeaning our president is because what is she hiding? The president is draining the swamp and we want to know what is she hiding? She is probably getting a lot of kickbacks and some paddywhacks.

“And it’s probably about to be exposed and that’s why she always go around and calls the president out of his name, and say the most damnable things about the president of the United States. And one more thing for Ms. Maxine Waters, you may not pay what you owe, but you will reap what you sow.

“You go around spewing hate, you will reap hate. She’s telling people to hate on other people. She spew hate, she give hate, and she display hate. She’s a hateful lady. And I think that maybe the judge need to give her a bible.” – Diamond or Silk, appearing this morning on Fox & Friends.