White Supremacist Filed Kobach’s Senate Paperwork

The Kansas City Star reports:

Kansas Republican Senate candidate Kris Kobach hired a white nationalist to file the paperwork that created the Kobach for Senate campaign as a limited liability company with the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office in August of this year.

Joseph Suber has a long history of making anti-Semitic and racist comments on The UNZ Review, a website that includes white nationalist and anti-Semitic content. During Kobach’s unsuccessful campaign for governor, Suber regularly heaped praise on the candidate and encouraged other readers of the site to back him.

“I am ready to sign up for the Kobach ethnostate defense force: Kansas, Kobach and Kids,” Suber wrote in June of 2018 in response to a post that referred to minors crossing the southern border as “child-invaders.”

Kobach is pleading ignorance.