Trump’s Spiritual Advisor: You Are “Mandated By God” To Donate To Jim Bakker’s Slop Bucket Show [VIDEO]

“Right now, someone is about to send you that million dollar check in the name of Jesus. You just simply need to be obedient. Whether it’s $100,000, whether it’s $10,000, it’s gonna be wonderful that you have your plaque. This is beautiful.

“I was blown away because I was, like, ‘He’s gonna think I’ve stole some of my stuff from him!’ Because God’s been downloading several things that are so similar — seriously! And you have got to, right now, become one of those pillars, become one those people, whether it’s the $10,000 or the $1,000.

“Every treasure you give here on Earth is being stored up in Heaven. There is a Department of Treasury in Heaven. Now I know [Steve] Mnuchin’s over it down here, but I’m telling you there’s a Department of Treasury in Heaven that God is watching over.

“Everything you do — and you are storing up eternal treasure that will go so far beyond, I think, that we can even begin to imagine, that you are mandated by God.” – Scamvangelist and Trump spiritual advisor Paula White, appearing on Jim Bakker’s slop bucket show.

(Via The Friendly Atheist)

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