Trump To Texas: You “Made A Fortune” On Hurricane

CNN’s ever intrepid Daniel Dale reports:

President Donald Trump made at least 26 false claims in his 87-minute rally speech in Dallas on Thursday, including an inaccurate declaration that Texas had somehow profited from one of the costliest hurricanes in American history.

Touting the “billions and billions of dollars” in relief money he authorized for Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 — and teasing Texas lawmakers over their requests for him to spend more — Trump said, “You made a fortune on the hurricane.”

Harvey created costs of $125 billion, the federal government estimates. The government says Texas has been allocated $26.6 billion in federal disaster funds since 2017. The Texas Department of Insurance estimated in April that personal and commercial insurance payouts related to Harvey would total $19.6 billion.

Trump, of course, has been accused of disaster insurance fraud several times. Which is what he is surely thinking of.