Trump Lied 96 Times Last Week, Broke One-Day Record

CNN’s Daniel Dale reports:

President Donald Trump was relentlessly dishonest last week about the scandal over his dealings with Ukraine, making false claims about just about every component of the story. Trump made 96 false claims last week, the second-highest total of the 16 weeks we’ve counted at CNN.

He made 53 false claims last Monday alone — a remarkable 31 in rambling comments at his Cabinet meeting and 22 more in an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Fifty-three false claims is by far the most Trump has made in any day in the 16 weeks we’ve tracked, beating the previous high of 41.

Trump has averaged about 68 false claims per week over the 16-week period — just shy of 10 false claims per day. His deception last week was focused on his conduct toward Ukraine and Democrats’ related impeachment inquiry.

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