Trump Hotel Triples Rates For Republican Retreat

From Citizens for Responsibility And Ethics in Washington:

The cost of a basic room at Trump’s DC Hotel is nearly three times its average rate on November 7th. Conspicuously, that’s the night between Senate Republicans’ two day retreat at Trump’s Hotel. Filling the hotel with a who’s who of Republican power players serves as an invitation for anyone looking to influence the government, and the hotel’s role as a hot spot for influence peddling has helped to make it one of the few bright spots in Trump’s financial portfolio.

Since Trump never divested from his businesses when he became president, he stands to profit from the decision to host the Republican retreat at his hotel, and even more massively because of the spike in rates that evening.

“Premier” and “deluxe” rooms at the hotel—the least expensive rooms offered—cost $1,345 and $1,395, respectively, for the night of November 7th, according to searches performed on October 23rd, 25th and 28th. That’s nearly three times the average cost of the cheapest room available at the hotel, according to Google. Hotel rates are responsive to a number of factors, and it’s not uncommon for costs to fluctuate, but the contrast is stark between average rates and the rate on the night of November 7th.

Last week Eric Trump confirmed that the Trump Organization is looking to unload the hotel for what outsiders say may be as much as $500 million.