Trump Cultist Charged With Terror Threat After Pointing Loaded Gun At Woman Over Her Warren Bumper Sticker reports:

Joseph Schumacher is a North Dakota man accused of making terroristic threats against a woman for political reasons. According to the Moorhead Police Department, Schumacher threatened another driver with a gun after seeing a political bumper sticker on her vehicle that indicated she held different views than him.

The incident happened in Moorhead, Minnesota, on October 7, 2019. Police say Schumacher became agitated after seeing a sticker in support of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren on another vehicle. Schumacher had a sticker supporting President Trump on his own vehicle, police confirmed to Heavy.

Schumacher yelled at the woman from his vehicle and showed her that he had a handgun, police said. He was arrested a short time later at a nearby business. Police said they found a loaded handgun in the center console of the vehicle. Schumacher did not have a permit for it.