Trump Complains About 2016 iPhone Design Change

Gizmodo reports:

Seemingly out of the blue Friday, Donald Trump decided to weigh in via his usual presidential soapbox, Twitter, on an unexpected subject: Apple’s UI decisions. So, as I’m sure you’re now wondering, what does the commander in chief think about the company’s recently released iPhone 11 series?

No idea. He didn’t say, since posting on social media about relevant news—however bizarrely outside his wheelhouse—would be far too sane. Instead, he subtweeted tech CEO Tim Cook to let him know exactly where he stands on a hotly debated issue circa 2016.

That’s right, our president is firmly on team home button. Apple ditched the physical button in its top-of-the-line models beginning in 2016 with the company’s iPhone X series, replacing it with what Trump somewhat ominously calls “the Swipe,” i.e. swipe and gesture controls.