Trade War “Brutal” On Halloween “Scripture Candy”

This story has so much self-owning:

For Christians who would rather celebrate Christ on Halloween instead of its pagan origins in Samhain, a company called Scripture Candy based in Alabama is offering blessed candy wrapped in bits of Scripture and inspirational messages to share with those who come to your door even as the company’s owners struggle to survive President Donald Trump’s trade war.

When asked how the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China has affected his business, founder Michael McCarron called it “brutal” but he believes President Trump has the right instincts on trade.

“At a point we’ve actually had Dollar General send us a letter telling us ‘hey, we will not incur any price increases’ and we were already selling to them at such bare margins that at a point we can’t sell it. We’re actually paying you to put our product in,” he added. “It hurt.” Among the Chinese imports affected by Trump’s trade tariffs are sugars and candies.