Tony Perkins: Send Me Money To Stop Impeachment

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

“Impeachment!” That word has spread like a virus from Washington, D.C., across our land for nearly three years. After desperately searching for a crime — turning our legal system’s “presumption of innocence” on its head — the Left hasn’t been able to produce a single legitimate charge against President Donald J. Trump!

It’s time for America’s Christians and conservatives to use our combined clout and put a stop to this political attack tearing our nation apart — to send a no-compromise message right to Washington: STOP THREATENING TO IMPEACH OUR PRESIDENT!

And I need to hear from you right away that I can count on your support for this effort, as I always do. You’ll be committing to praying for our president and for FRC Action in this urgent matter.

And any donation you include will support the work of our dedicated FRC Action team on Capitol Hill. Plus, your gift will fuel our efforts to build a nationwide groundswell of opposition to impeachment among Christian and conservative Americans.

They’re hoping that the mere threat of impeachment will derail President Trump’s conservative agenda, kill his chance to win re-election… and maybe even drive him to resign before his term expires. They don’t care that there is no merit to their claims, they just want to divide our nation.

Please give as generously as you are able so we can help combat the liberal onslaught against our president. And above all please commit to pray for our president as he continues to lead our nation through these troubled times. Thank you in advance for your faithful support. May God bless you!