Tony Perkins: Send Me Money To Stop Drag Queens

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

As a parent, I will do anything to protect my children. Won’t you? That’s why this email is so important. There is a coordinated movement to not only oppose the biblical worldview but also groom younger generations to accept dangerous ideas about gender and sexual identity.

Have you seen the headlines? Public libraries around the country are hosting Drag Queen Story Hours — another example of your tax dollars being used to fund a liberal, immoral agenda.

Parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens, we must be vigilant! There is a spiritual and cultural battle raging for the minds of our children. The LGBT agenda is in full force, and it is aimed at the youngest and most innocent among us.

The good news is, many are taking a stand. Blogger Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the Activist Mommy, has been using her network of supporters to call local libraries and express their opposition to Drag Queen Story Hours.

This gives us reason to hope. But we have more to do to safeguard our kids. When we push back and stand boldly against this dangerous agenda, we protect our children and uphold the biblical worldview. Will you join us as we protect the next generation?