Rand Paul Is Lone GOP Voice Backing Trump On Syria

Because of course he does:

Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News today to express support for the president’s move. Neil Cavuto said, “A lot of people in your own party — Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Nikki Haley, and on and on and on — say this is a tragedy, it’s a bad move, it emboldens our enemies.”

“It sounded like you listed the neocon war caucus of the Senate, so yeah, they always want to stay at war,” Paul responded. Cavuto brought up the criticisms from Graham and Haley that the U.S. shouldn’t be abandoning the Kurds.

At one point Paul said Trump is right about regime change, saying, “Regime change hasn’t worked. It’s led to more chaos and the rise of ISIS came in the chaos of Hussein being toppled but also the chaos of Assad’s regime being made marginal and made fragile.”