Pompeo Evasive On Meeting Giuliani Overseas [VIDEO]

Law & Crime reports:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gritted his teeth through a strained response when NBC Nashville reporter Nancy Amons grilled him on whether he had met with Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani during an overseas trip in February. Pompeo was hostile and evasive throughout the interview, at one point accusing Amons of “working at least in part for the Democratic National Committee.”

But things got particularly icy when the reporter asked Pompeo about his February trip to a summit in Warsaw, Poland. “In mid-February, you were in Warsaw, and so was Rudy Giuliani,” Amons said. “During your time there, did you meet with Giuliani?” After several seconds of awkward silence, Pompeo replied, in a near-whisper, “You know, I don’t talk about who I meet with, I went to Warsaw for a particular purpose, it was an important mission.”