NYC Council OKs Plan To Zone Rikers Out Of Existence

Courthouse News reports:

As the clock ticks on a deadline for the New York City Council to vote on a controversial new borough jails plan, legislators voted Thursday to pass a proposal they say would force lawmakers to shutter the notorious Rikers Island jail complex by 2026.

The council faces an Oct. 17 vote over whether to build four new borough-based jails, part of a larger plan to decarcerate and ostensibly dismantle the notoriously hellish Rikers Island jail complex. Until today, there was no stipulation Rikers would actually close, and opponents feared the new plan was just an expansion.

The proposal would apply a use restriction to the city map so the area could not be used to incarcerate people after Dec. 31, 2026. It would also designate the land as a “public place.” A City Hall spokesperson said the change would codify Rikers’ closure.

Hit the link for more. It’s far from a done deal.