Nutbag Larry Klayman Sues Bidens Over YouTube Ban

Law & Crime reports:

Conservative lawyer and former GOP Senate candidate Larry Klayman is suing Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and the Biden 2020 campaign because he thinks they got him banned from YouTube.

A 10-page petition filed with a Palm Beach County court on Tuesday alleges that “Klayman’s YouTube channel was suspended and all of its contents were removed over a span of many years” by the Biden defendants–along with Biden’s campaign manager Kate Bedingfield.

“This was done by YouTube as a result of undue and illegal political and other pressure and veiled threats from and exerted by Defendants,” the lawsuit alleges, “each and every one of them, working together in concert, jointly and severally.”

Last month Klayman declared that he was assembling a “citizens jury” to try the Bidens for crimes against the United States.

Klayman, you may know, is the loony tunes lawyer also currently suing Infowars, Rogers Stone, and Alex Jones on behalf of Jerome Corsi.

Klayman appeared regularly on JMG during the Obama years for his many failed birther lawsuits and his calls for a literal revolution against the “Kenyan usurper.” Earlier this month he sued Facebook for $3 billion on behalf of totally not shitbag crazy Laura Loomer.