MPs Narrowly Vote To Delay Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal

The New York Times reports:

Just as Britain appeared on the cusp of a history-making, up-or-down vote on its long-delayed departure from the European Union, the British Parliament struck an impasse on Saturday as lawmakers adopted a measure that delayed a vote on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal with Brussels.

The turbulent events left Mr. Johnson’s agreement in limbo, legally obliging him to seek yet another extension for Britain’s departure, which he had once vowed never to do. It was the latest twist in a debate that has convulsed the country ever since the British public voted in 2016 for a divorce from the European Union.

On a dramatic day in which lawmakers debated while enormous crowds of anti-Brexit protesters marched outside the Houses of Parliament, Mr. Johnson implored lawmakers to approve his agreement, which would pave the way for Britain to leave the European Union at the end of the month.