Minneapolis Venue Backs Down On Advance Payment

CBS News Minneapolis reports:

The mayor says the campaign must pay $530,000 in additional security costs up front. But AEG — the company that runs Target Center and booked the rally — backed down on the demand. “It was another effort to make this impossible to happen,” said Kayleigh McEnany, Trump 2020’s national press secretary.

She said Thursday’s rally will go on as planned. “Really, it doesn’t matter what the mayor says at this point. The Target Center is a private vendor, they have a contract with the campaign, they are going to honor that contract,” McEnany said.

So who will pay the $530,000? For now, it appears the city will front the cost, but the mayor promises he’ll pursue being reimbursed. The group Minnesota Trump Victory announced Tuesday night they will hold a protest outside of Mayor Frey’s office Wednesday at noon.