Local GOP Refuses To Endorse Indicted Incumbent Rep

The Associated Press reports:

In a sign of a turbulent campaign to come, indicted U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter failed to win the endorsement Monday of his local Republican Party after arguing that he is the best candidate for the job despite his approaching federal trial.

Hunter faced significant odds of winning the two-third support he needed for the nod from the San Diego Republican Party, with several other GOP candidates dividing the vote, including former Rep. Darrell Issa. But it’s nonetheless an unwelcome result for a campaign widely seen as vulnerable.

In remarks at a party forum in San Diego that were at turns fiery and defiant, the Southern California congressman suggested his rival candidates should look elsewhere for political opportunities. “I’ve got this seat,” Hunter said, with three other candidates seated beside him. “I’ve won this seat in the worst of times,” he said