Leading Trump Cultist Calls On McConnell To Change Senate Rules And Ignore House Vote On Impeachment

Newsweek reports:

A guest on Fox News has suggested that Mitch McConnell uses his “prerogative” as Senate Majority Leader to change the rules and prevent President Donald Trump from undergoing an impeachment trial. Thomas Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, a right-wing political activist group, told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro on Saturday that McConnell should implement what is known as the “nuclear option” if the House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump.

Fitton suggested that McConnell should simply ignore the rule which calls for 67 votes to pass any changes and simply state an impeachment trial is not going to happen. “The Senate is going to have to try any impeachment,” Fitton said. “And if I were the Senate Majority Leader, I’d tell the House, ‘This is dead on arrival, we’re changing the rules, we are going to kill it before it even gets out of the cradle. And we will not follow up with impeachment trial.'”