GOP Senator Hails Trump’s “Integrity” In G7/Doral Pick

CNBC reports:

Three Democratic senators are asking the White House for a raft of information to justify what they called the “outrageous” decision to have the G-7 summit held at President Donald Trump’s Miami golf resort next year.

But even as they did so, a Republican senator said that the decision to have Trump National Doral Miami, which is owned by the president’s company, host the conference of world leaders shows Trump’s “integrity.”

“I don’t have any concerns about it other than just politically how it appears,” Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota said Friday. “It may seem careless politically, but on the other hand there’s tremendous integrity in his boldness and his transparency,” Cramer said.

Cramer first appeared on JMG when as a Senate candidate he said voting against Trump is akin to cheating on your wife. Ahem. Days later he attacked female House members for wearing white to a Trump speech, saying they have a “disease.”