Fox Host Blasts Gingrich’s Hypocrisy For Claiming That Dems’ Impeachment Probe Is Unconstitutional [VIDEO]

“This is the exact opposite of unconstitutional. The Constitution specifically says that impeachment is left to Congress with very little statement as to how they want to conduct it. And in fact, I think I remember that Newt Gingrich did an impeachment effort, led an impeachment effort against Bill Clinton in 1998. Was that an effort to overturn an election?

“No, he was investigating stuff. We may find out that there is some there-there or there’s no there-there, but to call it unconstitutional or an effort to overturn an election, that’s a reach for somebody like Newt Gingrich who was involved in the last impeachment effort.” – Fox News host Chris Wallace, after Gingrich raged about an “unconstitutional” impeachment probe.