FDA Approves Second Gilead Drug For Daily PrEP

NBC News reports:

Gilead Sciences, the drug giant behind the blockbuster HIV prevention pill Truvada, won FDA approval on Thursday to market Descovy — a medication already used by those who have HIV — as its next-generation prevention drug.

The final approval follows an August vote in favor of Descovy as a pre-exposure prophylaxis medication, or PrEP, by an FDA advisory panel. Descovy is now approved for HIV PrEP in everyone except people who have vaginal sex, since its efficacy has not been studied in this population; for these patients, Truvada is an approved option.

This year, Gilead announced that a generic version of Truvada would hit the market in September 2020, and the company also promised to donate 2.4 million bottles annually of its most up-to-date HIV PrEP medication — which as of Thursday is Descovy — for President Donald Trump’s proposed Ending the HIV Epidemic plan.