Bloomberg: It Seems Trump Wants To Be Impeached

From an op-ed published today by Michael Bloomberg:

One could be forgiven for thinking that President Donald Trump wants to be impeached. On Thursday, on live television in front of the White House, Trump reiterated his call for Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, his leading rival in the 2020 election. He then invited China to do the same — “because what happened in China was just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine.”

Trump has never specified what he thinks Biden did. He has, however, engaged in a globe-spanning effort to get others to find out. It bears repeating that federal law prohibits soliciting anything of value from foreigners to aid an election campaign. But more to the point: Trump is making it abundantly clear that he intends to keep abusing his power to advance his personal interests. Congress can’t, and shouldn’t, accept that.