Bannon Running “Rogue War Room” On Impeachment

The New York Times reports:

It’s been more than a year since any sort of war room has been run out of the basement of Stephen K. Bannon’s Capitol Hill townhouse. And it’s been even longer since Mr. Bannon, who was pushed out as White House chief strategist in August 2017, ran a war room for President Trump. But everyday for the next two months — or “until the day after the acquittal of Donald J. Trump,” in Mr. Bannon’s words — a rogue, freelance messaging operation to fight impeachment is being broadcast there.

Stop calling the inquiry a “witch hunt” and a “deep state” conspiracy, they said by way of guidance to the president and his advisers, because it’s deluding too many Trump supporters into a sense of complacency. Stop insisting that polls showing majority public support for the impeachment inquiry are “fake news” — because they aren’t. Stop dismissing everyone who testifies about the Trump administration’s dealings with Ukraine as a radical unelected bureaucrat.