Anne Graham: God “Moved Trump” To Take US Troops Out Of Syria In Order To Set Up The End Times [VIDEO]

“It occurred to me that there is a war prophesied in Ezekiel 38 that has not yet taken place. When Gog, the prince of Magog — who some people believe is Putin in Russia — they come down from the north and they align with Turkey and Syria and the Sudan and Libya and then they come up and they go against Israel.

“So I wondered, did God move Trump to move Americans out of the way, freeing up Russia to come down like the Bible says they will? Then a friend who is in the news business sent me a picture of our American base in northern Syria that, the day after we left, was filled with Russian troops and they had moved into our base.

“They are now in Syria. So I’m just wondering if it’s like a chess board and if the pieces are being moved to set up maybe the last of the Last Days.” – Franklin Graham’s sister Anne Graham Lotz, during an appearance on scamvangelist Jim Bakker’s slop bucket extravaganza.

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