Wedding Venue Apologizes For Rejecting Interracial Couple After Discovering Bible Doesn’t Ban Race-Mixing

Yesterday I reported that a Mississippi wedding venue rejected an interracial couple based on their “Christian beliefs.” Today the owner issued an apology after her refusal video went wildly viral with millions of views.

The Washington Post reports:

In her apology, the event hall’s owner attempted to explain why she believed the Bible supported her views on interracial marriages, describing how she only recently discovered that wasn’t the case. She began by writing that as “a child growing up in Mississippi” it was an unspoken understanding that people stayed “with your own race.”

But then on Saturday, when her husband asked her to point to relevant sections of the Bible, she couldn’t. After spending hours scouring the text and sitting down with her pastor, the owner wrote that she finally concluded that the reasoning behind her decision to turn away Welch’s brother and his fiancee was “incorrect.”

It doesn’t say so in the above-linked article, but gays are surely still forbidden from renting the venue.