Weather Scientists In Uproar Over NOAA Statement

The Washington Post reports:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s decision to back President Trump instead of its own scientists on the question of whether Alabama was at significant risk from Hurricane Dorian has led to widespread outrage in the broader weather community. Weather forecasters inside and outside the government and former leaders of NOAA and the National Weather Service have spoken out against the NOAA action.

Many critics say NOAA’s decision to back Trump is putting politics before facts and undermining forecasters’ ability to carry out their mission to protect life and property, while eroding public trust. They also worry about how the statement will affect Weather Service forecasters’ morale. Three former NOAA heads have expressed this concern. The NOAA statement late Friday afternoon capped off a week in which Trump went to unusual lengths to justify his Alabama forecast tweet.

Hit the link for many furious quotes from former NOAA leaders and other weather experts.