Tucker Carlson: Nobody Cares About Trump’s Secret Deals With Foreign Leaders, This Is Just A Power Grab

“It’s about power. Duh. You knew that. That’s what it is always about, power. Nobody pushing for impeachment actually cares about secret deals with foreign leaders. Oh, please — much less justice or the truth. Again, these are the most cynical people in the United States of America. What they care about and you knew this already was winning the 2020 presidential election. That’s all they care about.

“Getting their mitts on the levers of power and exercising power for its own sake. That’s what drives them. That’s why they get up in the morning. Democratic leaders have decided that impeaching Trump is essential if they are going to win next year. So, they are staking everything on this bizarre flimsy scandal that the rest of us can barely even understand. Will it work? Probably not.” – Tucker Carlson.