Trump Rolls Back Rules On Light Bulbs To Spite Obama

Bloomberg reports:

The Trump administration is rolling back Obama-era rules that expanded energy-use requirements to some of the most commonly used light bulbs. The Energy Department made public a final rule Wednesday that withdrew a requirement that light bulbs commonly used in recessed lighting, track lighting, bathroom vanities and decorative fixtures meet the same energy efficiency standards that effectively phased out the traditional incandescent bulb.

The Energy Department, in its rule, said the light bulb standards had been expanded under Obama “in a manner that is not consistent with the best reading of the statute,” and that its change “does not prevent consumers from from buying the lamps they desire.” The standards, which had been scheduled to take effect in January 2020, applied to roughly half of the six billion light bulbs in use today, and would save consumers billions in energy costs and avoid millions of tons in carbon dioxide emissions.