TEXAS: City Councilman Protects Town From “Witches And Satan Worshipers Through Shed Blood Of Jesus”

Hemant Mehta reports at The Friendly Atheist:

Nothing weird about this. Just a Christian guy who’s staking out a local park before the sun comes up in order to keep the “witches and satan worshipers” away with his Jesus prayers. I would normally just dismiss him as a kook… except that kook is Tim Kelly, a man who won a seat on the Cedar Park City Council in Texas this past May. He’s making decisions for the community… even though his favorite pastime is acting like some low-budget Christian Batman fighting enemies that exist only in his mind.

Kelly’s Facebook post, screencapped below, has prompted an avalanche of ridicule and merry-making on his page.

Oh, and the rest of his page is full of far-right idiocy courtesy of InfoWars, Pizzagate, and, rather interestingly, the Log Cabin Republicans.

Cedar Park, population 75,000, is a suburb of Austin.