Senate Dems Attempt To Force Vote On Wall Funding

Roll Call reports:

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer will announce that his caucus will force another floor vote to terminate President Donald Trump’s border security national emergency.

“This rises to a large and vital constitutional issue: does our country truly have checks and balances, particularly important when we have such an overreaching president? This vote will also provide a chance for Senators to prevent the president from stealing military funding from their states to foot the bill for an expensive and ineffective wall he promised Mexico would pay for,” the New York Democrat will say on the Senate floor, according to an excerpt provided to CQ Roll Call.

Last week the Pentagon announced intentions to divert $3.6 billion in previously appropriated funds for military base projects in the U.S. and overseas in order to finance construction of a southern border wall. President Donald Trump invoked emergency powers on Feb. 15 enabling him to access the funds, which lawmakers said was an end-run around their Constitutional “power of the purse.”