REUTERS: Jerry Falwell Blasted Some Liberty Students As “Retarded” And “Social Misfits” In His Emails To Staff

Reuters reports:

In emails to his colleagues over the years, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr has denigrated students and staff at the Christian university he runs, referring to one student as “emotionally imbalanced and physically retarded” and calling the school’s police chief a “half-wit.”

The barbed comments, contained in email exchanges reviewed by Reuters, emerge as the evangelical political leader is seeking to stem a rash of news reports about his stewardship of the Virginia-based university. As he complains of being targeted by critics, Reuters has found that Falwell himself was disparaging Liberty students, staff and parents for years in emails to Liberty administrators.

The several dozen emails reviewed by Reuters span nearly a decade-long period starting in 2008. In the emails, Falwell insults some Liberty students, calling them “social misfits.” In others, he blasts faculty members and senior Liberty staff.

Oh yes, there’s more. Yesterday, after a week of claiming that photos of Falwell and his son cavorting in a wild South Beach night had been faked, Falwell admitted that he had been there, but only for 30 minutes and only to hear the music. Yeah.