Pro-Russia Ukrainians Found To Be Behind Very Popular Pro-Trump Facebook Page With 1.1 Million Followers

Popular Information reports:

The “I Love America” Facebook page boasts 1.1 million fans, with viral content that reaches more Facebook users than some of the largest media outlets in the United States. A typical post is a celebration of the U.S. military and patriotism.

There are lots of references to “our country” and “our military.” Not mentioned is that the page is managed by ten people based in Ukraine. (There is also one manager from Kazakhstan, one from France, and one from the United States.) A website that was previously linked in the “About” section of the “I Love America” page is registered to Andriy Zyuzikov, an online strategist from the Ukrainian city of Odessa.

The “I Love America” page regularly recycles memes used by the Internet Research Agency, the Russian entity that set up phony Facebook pages to benefit Trump in advance of the 2016 election. While “I Love America,” which was established in March 2017, focuses on patriotism, in recent weeks it has used its extraordinary reach to push pro-Trump propaganda.