Politico: Impeachment Now “More And More Likely”

Politico reports:

Impeachment is becoming more and more likely. Some will tell you it’s approaching a certainty. Think of it this way: President Donald Trump has just admitted that he — the president of the United States — discussed getting dirt on Joe Biden, a domestic political adversary, with a foreign leader.

Will more and more fence-sitting Democrats explicitly call for an impeachment inquiry? House Intelligence Chairman ADAM SCHIFF (D-Calif.), a top ally of House leadership, laid down an important marker Sunday: The courts are too slow and cumbersome for Democrats, and they need another remedy, and that remedy might be impeachment.

Unlike the Byzantine Russiagate allegations, the latest charge — that the president repeatedly tried to get a foreign leader seeking military aid to investigate a political opponent — is not hard to understand. It’s about the actions of Trump himself, not his aides or former campaign nobodies.