Perkins Defends Trump’s Dorian Lies: Liberals Say He’s Anti-Science But They Don’t Even Understand Gender

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Even experts have trouble forecasting a storm’s path. To say that the president is “anti-science” because he — a non-meteorologist — couldn’t prophesy where the hurricane would hit is a pathetic fight for his opponents to pick.

Especially, as many of us would point out, based on the Left’s flat-out denial of real science about gender, creation, conception, and medical research. Unlike conservatives, the president’s opponents are so ideologically-driven that they’ll ignore decades of technology just to deny that an unborn baby is a human being — or that gender is defined by biology at birth.

This is the party who insists on dumping millions of taxpayer money into unethical scientific experiments while the rest of the medical community has moved on to cutting-edge cures that are already helping real people. And we’re anti-science?

As the entire world know, the issue isn’t Trump’s ability to “prophesy” where hurricanes hit, it’s his compulsive lying when proven wrong.