Pence Camp Reverses Again On Ireland Controversy

They’re having a hard time coordinating their lies.

Vice President Pence’s office issued a statement late Tuesday saying President Trump did not direct Pence to stay at his resort in Doonbeg, Ireland, a shift from remarks offered by the vice president’s top aide.

“Because of some misreporting, we want to clarify that the decision to stay at Trump National in Doonbeg, Ireland was solely a decision by the Office of the Vice President and was based on the requirement to find accommodations near the Vice President’s ancestral hometown that could satisfy official meetings on both coasts of the Emerald Isle,” the office said in a statement.

“At no time did the President direct our office to stay at his Doonbeg resort and any reporting to the contrary is false,” the vice president’s office said.

Yesterday Pence’s chief of staff Marc Short said that Pence wanted to stay in Dublin.