Pastor Lace Front: Republicans Are Retiring Because Leftists Are Threatening To Kill Their Families [VIDEO]

“Here is the story you’re not hearing. The reason why you’re seeing a hemorrhaging of Republican congressmen who do not want to return for election—it’s happening almost like weekly—is because the aggressiveness and invasiveness in the left in the districts is threatening to the wife and to the children.”

“They have enough personal incidents that concern them so that they feel it’s safer—I’m telling you, I talk to these guys and they’ll say, ‘My wife does not want me to run again. You don’t see this on the left, you see it on the right. They actually have to have the courage now to stay in office.”

“Their life is threatened. It’s a fact.” – Comically bewigged scamvangelist Lance Wallnau, appearing on Jim Bakker’s slop bucket extravaganza. Wallnau claims he and Bakker have sold $1.7 million in souvenir coins featuring Trump that serve as a “contact point to God.”

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Wallnau claims there are “high levels of angelic activity” at Trump’s DC hotel. Wallnau claims the MAGAbomber was possessed by Satan to make Trump look bad. Wallnau claims the Charlottesville Nazis were “paid actors” because right wing white supremacists do not exist. Wallnau declares that God killed Antonin Scalia to “wake up America” on how much they needed Trump. Wallnau “takes authority” over Hurricane Maria in the name of Jesus, orders it not to hit Puerto Rico. Wallnau claims Hurricane Irma bypassed Mar-A-Lago because Trump is under God’s protection. Wallnau releases the “Jezebel spirit” on Robert Mueller. Wallnau prays to protect Trump from witches, jinxes, and demons that jump into dogs. Wallnau prays for God to “unleash his holy sword” and smite Trump’s enemies. Wallnau claims angels literally dusted his face with gold flakes as a reward for loving Trump. Wallnau prays away obstruction of justice charges against Trump in the name of Jesus. Wallnau claims a gay bar owner was “cured of homosexuality” after eating a slice of anointed cake.