NY Post Editor Cites Drag Queen Story Hour As Proof Christians Will Be Executed If Democrats Take Power

Yahoo News reports:

A debate billed as a major showdown between competing visions of religious conservatism last night revealed, more than anything, the profound fear that drives the “culture war” on the right: that Christians will face literal extermination at the hands of Democrats if Republicans lose power.

That’s not just a metaphor: One side, represented by a prominent Catholic journalist, warned, in apparent seriousness, of a future in which Christians are thrown to the lions, as in ancient Rome, with Bernie Sanders playing the role of the emperor Nero.

Several hundred people packed a large hall inside the Catholic University of America in Northeast Washington, D.C., to hear National Review writer David French face off against Sohrab Ahmari, the editor of the New York Post’s op-ed page.

As you’ll see at the link and in the video below, if you can slog through it, Ahmari cites the “global demonic threat” of drag queen story hours as evidence of the plan to execute Christians.