New Sexual Misconduct Allegation Against Kavanaugh

Business Insider reports:

A former college classmate of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh tried to tip off US senators and the FBI last year to another previously unreported sexual misconduct allegation, The New York Times reported Saturday.

According to the newspaper, a former Yale student named Max Stier said he saw Kavanaugh at a drunken dorm party where his friends pushed his penis into a female student’s hands. Kavanaugh was reportedly a freshman at the time of the incident. Stier declined to discuss the allegation with The Times, but the reporters said they corroborated details of the story with two officials who spoke about the matter with Stier.

Stier’s account bears similarities to an allegation made by Deborah Ramirez, another Yale classmate who accused Kavanaugh of pulling his pants down and thrusting his penis in her face at a different dorm party.

The lengthy Times report is here.