Millions Turn Out For Global “Climate Strike” [VIDEO]

The Associated Press reports:

A wave of climate change protests swept across the globe Friday, with hundreds of thousands of young people sending a message to leaders headed for a U.N. summit: The warming world can’t wait for action.

Marches, rallies and demonstrations were held from Canberra to Kabul and Cape Town to Copenhagen, and more were set to follow as the day went on.

The Global Climate Strike” events ranged from a gathering of about two dozen activists in Seoul using LED flashlights to send Morse code messages calling for action to rescue the earth to demonstrations around Australia that organizers estimated were the country’s largest protests since the Iraq War in 2003.

NBC News reports:

“No matter how many times they try to ignore the issue, you can see every teenager in the area is here,” said Isha Venturi, a 15-year-old high school sophomore from New Jersey who joined a crowd of hundreds in New York’s lower Manhattan taking part in a second “Global Climate Strike.” “We’re not quiet anymore,” she added, “and change is coming.”

From New York to London and San Francisco to Sydney, Australia, not only children but other groups took part in the strikes, including trade unions, environmental organizations and employees at large tech companies such as Amazon and Google. And their demands were all similar: reducing the use of fossil fuels to try to halt climate change.

The Washington Post reports:

Friday’s protests began to unfold in Australia, where an estimated 300,000 young people in Melbourne, Sydney and elsewhere took to the streets. Similar scenes soon played out in towns and cities across the globe, from small island nations such as Kiribati to teeming cities such as Mumbai. Protesters gathered in small groups in parts of Africa and in swelling masses in European capitals.

In London, thousands marched passed 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament, some holding aloft signs that read “Winter is NOT coming” and “I’m taking time out of my lessons to teach you.” Martha Lickman, a 13-year-old Londoner, clutched a sign that read “Oceans are rising and so are we.” “We’re doing our bit, eating less meat, using less plastic,” she said, “but it’s still on the government to do something.”