Mike Pence To Meet With Anti-LGBT Group Days After White House Claimed He Can’t Possibly Be Anti-LGBT

Oliver Willis reports at Shareblue:

Mike Pence is scheduled to visit with the group Concerned Women for America (CWA), a virulently anti-gay conservative group, days after the White House insisted that Pence was not “anti-gay.” Under the “core issues” section of the CWA’s website, the group declares, “CWA believes that marriage consists of one man and one woman.” CWA laments “the attempt to eliminate natural distinctions between men and women.”

Additionally, after the 2015 Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which legalized same-sex marriage, CWA general counsel Mario Diaz noted that the group and his supporters “felt a little abandoned” by God. Speaking on CWA’s behalf, Diaz issued a “call to arms” and said the national cannot “allow sin to be unchallenged as a valiant choice, blessed and encouraged by government.”

Among the former CWA staffers are viciously anti-LGBT activists Matt Barber and Porno Pete LaBarbera.

As longtime JMG readers will know, for years the CWA has battled against GLSEN’s Day Of Silence, arguing that evil liberals are attempting to thwart the God-given right of Christians to bully LGBT students.