Mayor Pete Unveils Ambitious Climate Change Plan

Vox reports:

The word “trillion” doesn’t appear anywhere in Buttigieg’s plan, but his campaign told Vox it estimates the government will spend $1.5 to $2 trillion for the proposal, in addition to investments in modernizing, roads, railways, water mains, and bridges.

That’s relatively modest compared to plans from candidates like former Rep. Beto O’Rourke ($5 trillion) or Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders ($16.3 trillion). But for the price, Buttigieg expects the plan to create 3 million new clean energy jobs. He expects that money to motivate non-federal and private funding mechanisms as well.

The plan also raises a variety of economic tools to accelerate the shift toward a low-carbon future, like climate action bonds, creating a clean energy bank, and ending subsidies for fossil fuels. It also calls for US diplomatic and financial leverage on the global stage to push other countries to move aggressively to curb their emissions.

Hit the link for more analysis. Buttigieg will join other Democrats tonight in a marathon climate change event on CNN.