LIVE RESULTS: North Carolina US House Election

The New York Times reports:

Few races are as convoluted as the one in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, which is — 10 months after Election Day 2018 — the last vote of the midterm elections. Polls show an extremely close race between State Senator Dan Bishop, a Republican, and the entrepreneur Dan McCready, a Democrat.

Mr. McCready appeared to lose narrowly last November to another Republican, Mark Harris, but state officials ordered a new election after evidence emerged that Mr. Harris’s campaign had paid for an illegal absentee ballot operation. It was one of the most high-profile examples of election fraud in modern-day American politics.

Republicans and Democrats alike have spent millions of dollars on the redo, and — in an indication of how concerned Republicans are about losing what would normally be a safe seat for them — both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence campaigned for Mr. Bishop on Monday.

Live returns at the link.