Liberty University Students Protest Falwell [VIDEO]

The Associated Press reports:

Students at Liberty University in Virginia have gathered to protest in the wake of news reports containing allegations that school president Jerry Falwell Jr. “presides over a culture of self-dealing” and improperly benefited from the institution.

The News & Advance reports the students gathered Friday at the private evangelical university in Lynchburg. Photos show students holding signs calling for accountability and an investigation.

Falwell also allegedly insulted some Liberty students, calling them “social misfits”, “emotionally imbalanced and physically retarded”, and the school’s police chief a “half-wit”.

The Daily Progress reports:

Falwell acknowledged both of the emails in the article were authentic but said his comments lacked full context. “The chief of police spoke out against my idea to allow concealed carry on campus and that was the reason I was saying things that weren’t so nice about him,” he said, referring to a 2011 policy allowing visitors, students and staff who have concealed-weapons permits to carry guns on campus.

“And I told him today, ‘you and I disagree; I bad mouthed you a little bit, that’s called business.’” “I’m going to be me no matter what,” he added. “That never will change and I will say whatever I think whenever I want to say it. My comments are always appropriate for whatever happened and sometimes it might not be the most pleasant thing in the world but you know what, that’s a part of running a business.”