Larry Klayman To Sentence Bidens In “Citizens Court”

“Today, I, Larry Klayman, the founder of Freedom Watch and a former federal prosecutor, pledge to you with my sacred honor that our citizens grand jury will meet again in the next few weeks, and I, as the citizens prosecutor, will present evidence of the Bidens’ crimes.

“We will then indict the Bidens, try them in a citizens court and have them sentenced. We the People will then seek to peacefully and legally enforce the sentences.” – Nutbag Larry Klayman, writing for World Net Daily.

Klayman, you may know, is the loony tunes lawyer also currently suing Infowars, Rogers Stone, and Alex Jones on behalf of Jerome Corsi.

Klayman appeared regularly on JMG during the Obama years for his many failed birther lawsuits and his calls for a literal revolution against the “Kenyan usurper.” Earlier this month he sued Facebook for $3 billion on behalf of totally not shitbag crazy Laura Loomer.