Kanye West Says He’s Only Doing Gospel Music From Now On, “Closed On Sunday” Track Hails Chick-Fil-A

Fox Business reports:

Rap legend Kanye West said he will only make gospel music going forward — no more secular music, according to a Chicago music promoter who was in the room. West reportedly made the comment Saturday at a listening party in Chicago for his new album “Jesus is King: A Kanye West Experience.”

“Kanye also announced that he is no longer making secular music,” said Andrew Barber, owner of music media company Fake Shore Drive. “Only Gospel from here on out.” West said he is “done being an entertainer,” Barber told FOX Business.

West has been delaying the much-anticipated album, and his wife Kim Kardashian West teased the track list Friday. Anyone attending the Chicago listening party was required to leave their cell phones in locked pouches, so no video has yet surfaced of West’s remarks.

Billboard Magazine reports:

The album is a decidedly hip-hop exposition, using mostly spare keyboard and percussion arrangements with plenty of space for West’s vocals.

The easy first-listen favorite was the throbbing “Closed on Sunday,” whose refrain of “just like Chick-Fil-A” was picked up so quickly that West began pulling the sound down briefly to let the crowd carry the lyric during the choruses.

IMAX was also on hand to film Friday’s event, while some of West’s staff excited the crowd before it started by handing out Jesus Is King T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Does this mean no more songs about “bitches and hoes suckin’ my dick and fuckin’ my whole clique”?

The clip below is a bootleg recording from Saturday’s event and you can hear the Chick-Fil-A song at the 12:00 mark. Pretty sure he says something about his “fuckin’ load.” That comes after an exhortation to “follow Jesus.” Yeah.