Johnson Calls For Snap Election After Major Brexit Loss

The Associated Press reports:

Boris Johnson has launched a bid for an early general election after he suffered a humiliating defeat in the Commons today as MPs voted for a bill that could allow them to block a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Johnson accused Parliament of being “on the brink of wrecking any deal” with Brussels after MPs handed control of the Commons agenda to a cross-party alliance seeking to block no deal.

A number of Conservatives rebelled against their party to move against no deal, despite warning they will be expelled from the party and prevented from standing in future elections. The Government lost by 328 votes to 301 – a larger defeat than expected.

The Washington Post reports:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is seeking a general election after suffering a devastating loss Tuesday night in Parliament over his determination to have Britain leave the European Union on Oct. 31.

Johnson needs a two-thirds vote in Parliament to schedule the election, which could be held on Oct. 14. The election would be Britain’s third general election in five years, and could either sink Johnson’s government or give him a popular mandate for his promise to leave the E.U. by Halloween, “do or die.”

He introduced the legislation seeking the election after opponents, along with rebels from within his Conservative Party, defeated him on a key procedural vote, setting up a legislative battle over Brexit on Wednesday.