Hate Group Lawyer: LGBT Rights Are Bad For Business

“The Arizona decision is one of the strongest and most well-written decisions on free speech that I’ve seen in my career. In fact, the decision itself opens by saying that free speech and free exercise rights are not limited to the soft murmurings that go on in churches or private homes, but that all Americans have the right to be able to use and sell words, paintings, and to create art that is consistent with their convictions.

“So this doesn’t just protect Joanna and Breanna; it protects people of all faiths and people of no faiths to be able to express their views consistent with who they are. The statistics tell us, research tells us that nine out of the 10 best states for business in the United States don’t have these laws, and 12 of the 13 worst states do.” – Alliance Defending Freedom lawyer Kirsten Waggoner, on Fox News.