Hannity: Trump Cultists Should Always Plead The Fifth

“Nobody in their right mind should ever go before these committees anymore. They’ve all testified, they’ve all given, you know, hours and hours of their lives to these committees and to the special counsel.  And then if you answer the questions and they don’t like the way you answer them, they are the sole arbiter of whether they get to say you lied. And then they get to charge you.

“Well that means the next time anybody goes before these committees, say the words ‘I plead the Fifth’, invoke the Fifth, because you don’t have to incriminate yourself. And God forbid if you just happen to say one little itsy bitsy thing that didn’t match exactly what you said one of the other fourteen times you’ve been there, well then they’re going to say perjury.” – Sean Hannity, on his radio show today.