Four Democrats Top Trump In New Fox News Poll

Fox News reports:

Fifty-nine percent of voters are extremely interested in the 2020 presidential election. That’s a number typically only seen right before an election. It’s 27 points higher than around this same time in the last presidential cycle — and only one point off the record 60 percent extremely interested the week before Election Day in 2008.

Joe Biden continues to perform best of the Democratic candidates tested, according to a new Fox News Poll. He has the biggest lead over Trump (+14 points), is the only one to receive 50 percent support, and the only one to keep Trump under 40 percent (52-38 percent). Last month, it was Biden over Trump by 50-38 percent.

The poll, released Wednesday, shows Bernie Sanders topping Trump by 8 points (48-40). Elizabeth Warren is up by 6 points (46-40), which is right at the poll’s margin of error, and Kamala Harris has a 2-point edge (42-40 percent), within the poll’s error margin.